Diving Price List

2013 Price List


This is the first time you have ever tried breathing air with a scuba tank! We will start by introducing you to the equipment and how to use the regulator and take water out of your mask. Once we've put a wet suit and the equipment on you we'll stand you in shallow water and get you to bend over and breathe through the regulator for the first time. When you're comfortable we'll go on our knees just under the surface of the water to breathe some more and practice with the regulator and mask. Finally we'll take you for a dive around Kalamitsi bay upto 6m deep and you'll experience flying through the water for the first time and enjoy seeing the underwater world. To make it an unforgettable experience we'll take pictures and video of you underwater! See the video we made on this dive in the video section!


OPEN WATER DIVER - OWD (Including all PADI materials) €400

This is Dive school 101 where you learn all the basic skills and safety procedures that you will keep with you for life. You will learn how to use all the equipment on you and how to control yourself in the water, how to descend and ascend safely and the theory behind diving. This course will give you an internationally recognised licence to dive to a depth of -18 meters. The average time needed to complete the course is 5 days for 3 hours per day. You could also complete the course over 2 weekends.

ADVANCED OPEN WATER DIVER AOWD (Including all PADI materials) €250

Building on what you learned in the OWD course you will learn the procedures and risks of deeper diving, navigation in the water using a compass and night diving. You can choose from another 2 adventure dives such as wreck diving, search and recovery, and using a dry suit to give you a total of 5 adventure dives and the AOWD qualification. You can usually complete this course in 2 to 3 days or over a weekend. This course will give you an internationally recognised licence to dive to a depth of -30 meters.

EFR (Emergency First Response) (Including all PADI materials) €100

This is a non-dive course is a basic training program in CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resusitation) and emergency care. It is a necessity in order to qualify as a Rescue Diver.

RESCUE DIVER (Including all PADI materials) €350

In this course you will be trained to manage and respond to dive emergencies by working through common emergency situations and actually
practicing simulated emergencies on tired and panicked divers. There are 6 rescue activities that you will learn to complete the course as well as
theory test.

DIVEMASTER (All PADI materials must be paid for yourself) €500

Deciding to become a divemaster means coming to work with us for an extended period of time, so that not only will you learn how to lead dives and train less experienced divers, you will learn how to run anad manage the center itself. You will live, breathe and eat diving while with us. Be prepared to give 100% and you will learn a great deal. The course also includes a theory test.



If you haven't dived for several months this dive will check at shallow depth that you can control yourself underwater and do the basic skills with the mask and regulator.


This is for those who have had quite some time to dive and want to take this refresher course going through the basic skills of the OWD course and then going for a dive to our house reef to a maximum depth of -12 meters. The course starts with a theory lesson and assistance in rigging equipment.

BEACH DIVE WITH DOLPHIN TEAM (Including rental equipment) €25

Explore the Kalamitsi bay and our house reef with us on this pleasant 45 minute dive.

BOAT DIVE WITH YOUR OWN EQUIPMENT (Tank and weights free) €35

BOAT DIVE WITH OUR EQUIPMENT (Tank and weights free) €60

Come with us on our boat to one of our 25 dive sites in the local area. These sites include a wreck, caves, drops, island circuits and reefs. We meet at 10am in the morning for advanced deeper level dives and then 3pm for shallower dives. The dive time is 45 minutes. The basic cost is €35 for the boat dive. The BCD/Jacket, fins & boots and regulator hire are charged at €5 each per dive and the wet suit at €10 per dive.

BOAT SNORKEL TRIP (Including rental equipment) €20

Our scuba dive sites also provide excellent snorkelling opportunities too if you prefer to dive from the surface.

SPECIALITY & ADVENTURE DIVES (Including rental equipment) €150

There are many adventure dives and courses that you can do as mentioned in the AOWD section. You may choose to be certified in one of these areas. Typically these dives include 2 dives and theory lessons with an instructor. In the cost is also included your speciality recognition with PADI.





Hire a mask, snorkel, fins and boots for day to explore the local area from the surface. Please note that in busy periods we may not have the equipment available to hire to you.



7l  €4

10l €6

12l €7

15l €8

18l €12


The more dives you choose the cheaper each dive becomes! With the Season 50! package you can share the cost with a group of friends if you like and we'll give you a block of 50 paid dives. If rental equipment is needed then each diver coming with a pre paid dive will pay the above prices already quoted for each piece. All packages must be paid for before diving begins.

EQUIPMENT:                                        YOURS         OURS

DOUBLE PLAY (2 dives in 1 day)         €60               €95

5 DIVES + 1 FREE                                €175            €295

10 DIVES + 2 FREE                              €295            €530

UNLIMITED! for 1 week

(including free night dive!)                   €245            €495

SEASON 50! (50 dives)                         €995


- There are further discounts available when you chose to stay in our accommodation.
- You can only hire scuba equipment from us while diving with us!

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