Here you can see just who we are and what we can offer you. You can see first up a video that trys to say it all in 2 minutes - well, we try to! Further down you'll see more detailed videos of some of our dive sites, some suitable for new divers and others for experienced divers. In the Discover Scuba Diving video you'll see exactly what you'll experience for the very first time!


Dolphin Dive Resort Kalamitsi


See who we are and what we do in just over two minutes!


Slide Show 2013 NEW VIDEO!

2013 in one video!



Opposite our beach here is the well known Rock Dive site...


Erica Cave NEW VIDEO!

See what it's like to dive in a cave...



See how great this site is to dive!




See the beauty of the Big Rock dive...


The Tower NEW VIDEO!

We'll let this video speak for itself...


Ambelos NEW VIDEO!

See Ambelos in all it's beauty and variety...


Nemesis NEW VIDEO!

The beautiful Nemesis dive and its gorgonies...


Night Dive to Rock NEW VIDEO!

See what it's like to dive at night at one of our local places. Notice how the true underwtare colours stand out!


Documentary by Super TV Halkidiki

On the 12th June Super TV from Halkidiki came to film a report. See what they discovered!


Discover Scuba Diving

Have a look at our home made video...for those who have never tried Scuba Diving! See how they get on for the first time!



The Finger Dive


The Finger dive is a shallow dive (max 20m) around a small rocky islet. It's charm is in it's variety and height variation.


The Kalamitsi Wreck!

Have a look at a few scenes we took of the first part of the Turkish wreck...



Summer 2012

What did we get up to in 2012? Have a look for yourself!



Return Ride @ 200HP...!

A diver filmed the experience of being on our rib. We had a look at his "reel" and thought we'd show you this...



World champion freediver Guillaume Nery special dive at Dean's Blue Hole

FREE FALL: World champion freediver Guillaume Nery special dive at Dean's Blue Hole, the deepest blue hole in the world filmed entirely on breath hold by the french champion Julie Gautier.



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